The new BYS SFX range really gets the party started! This broad and comprehensive range of carefully researched colours has been applauded by makeup artists keen to create new character looks and special effects not achievable with regular makeup.

Fantasy comes to life, for photoshoots, stage makeup, theme parties, films or advanced makeup tutorials. This amazing range has products for the advanced artist that were previously too expensive or simply unavailable.

The BYS SFX range features liquid latex, scar wax, color wheels and more to help bring your creative and special effects makeup looks to life! This remarkable range of carefully researched colours and products has been specially created for makeup artists, for achieving special effects not achievable with regular makeup. Ideal for Halloween, kits include items such as scar wax, liquid latex, clotted blood product, and burns and scratches colours. Foundation in liquid and powder sets the stage for an unlimited range of fantasy creations. High-quality colour wheels for different effects blend easily together and are long-lasting; perfect for long photoshoots, theatre or film productions.

Clever creations can be built using brown and black dirt effect powders, scar wax for adding artificial wounds or other features, plus clotted blood for high-drama effect! The BYS FX range is brilliant for advanced makeup tutorials without the high-end price tag, for makeup artists on special projects and extraordinary theatre productions.