Allora has it all; a comprehensive range of all the everyday essentials, ideal for any age.

Top choices include the colour palettes and the high quality and great pricing has made Allora an enduring favourite. Simple, smart black branding and a huge spectrum of colours make this a popular line. All the must-have cosmetics are covered, from foundation to eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, glosses and nail polishes in a wide array of shades.

All the essentials the budget-conscious woman could want are included in the beautiful Allora range. The complete collection ensures that all the key cosmetics are represented, from lipsticks and foundation to eyeshadow, blush, and nail polishes in a myriad of colours.

The shimmering multi-colour palettes are a popular choice from this line, and the high quality paired with great pricing has made Allora an enduring favourite. Allora is ideal for women of any age and suits any budget. The branding of the range is showcased in slimline, elegant black packaging, giving it an attractive presentation, which is perfect for tucking into your beauty bag or clutch.

The blush duos provide natural, fresh blooms of colour for cheeks and the playful eyeshadow palettes come in ranges that feature graduated colours of the one shade or a contrasting group of hues. Eyeliner pencils are available in crisp, high-pigmented colour which is easy to apply, suitable for sensitive skin, and gives a precise line every time. The creamy base foundations come in a variety of tones to suit different skin shades and are smooth and long-lasting. The slim compacts and affordable prices mean that customers will happily buy several items to experiment with different makeup looks.