Be Yourself showcases a broad range of products, including fashion jewellery, hair accessories, handbags, wallets, plus the latest trends in tights, scarves and sunglasses.

With the focus firmly on fun, this range was developed specifically for the teens and tweens of today. Fittingly named “Be Yourself” the cosmetics section of this colourful and exciting range features cool colours in glitter eyeshadow, fruity flavoured lip-glosses, and bright nail polishes.

Be Yourself encourages your customer to do just that; express themselves by accessorising any look they can imagine. This delightfully stylish collection is always evolving, with new products being introduced on a monthly and seasonal basis.
The huge range boasts products including tights, scarves and sunglasses, plus the latest styles in fashion jewellery, hair accessories, wallets, clutches and handbags. For teens who want to have fun and change their look as often as the mood takes them, this range has something for them.

Fabulous floral headbands, funky tights, sparkling earrings, body jewellery and statement necklaces are all included in the array of choices. Gold, silver, rose gold and fine leather cords and beading feature in the latest jewellery.

Keeping up with the latest craze and having styles available for an affordable price means no matter what look you have in mind, you can rely on these products to ensure you can always ‘Be Yourself.’