BYS is one of the fastest growing beauty brands, both within Australia and internationally. Designed for women of all ages, it has been voted #1 Budget Brand in Australia and is sold in countries including Japan, UK, France, Canada, NZ, South Africa, Thailand, Middle East, Philippines, Singapore and various European countries.

With its elegant black packaging, BYS proves that it is possible to produce high-quality makeup without exorbitant price tags.

BYS is a familiar staple in beauty bags around the world. Its huge range of products covers every beauty essential, with options to suit every age and skin type. BYS is the perfect example of cosmetics which are exceptional quality, without being excessively high in price. Designed in Melbourne and eagerly snapped up in countries around the world, it constantly offers exciting, new, trend-setting options.

Our fulltime Quality Control teams ensure that the standards of BYS makeup not only meets strict FDA requirements, but also is approved for sale within the EU, making this a carefully developed brand you can rely upon.

Elegant, luxe black packaging showcases the products, giving continuity to the range and displaying the wide variety of colours and shades available. BYS goes beyond beauty basics, offering skincare primers, correctors, concealers and foundations, contouring blushers and setting sprays. All skin types are covered. Additional options for eyes take the range to another level, with artificial eyelashes and volumizing mascara amplifying the impact of the eyeshadow colours. Eyeliner in liquid, pencil, and shadow options, in neutral blacks and browns, plus brighter colours, complement the super popular eyeshadow palettes. These come in varieties from a simple duo to a full spectrum of colour choices. From restrained, sophisticated, muted shades, all the way to glittering hues, our eye colour options are the most comprehensive range on the market.

With its commitment to quality, variety, and innovation, BYS proves that it is possible to produce world-class makeup without excessive price tags.